Review of INRDeals: How to Earn Money With all Retail Ecommerce Websites

So it's not new to earn money online from your home, just share the deals with your friends and family and earn up to Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000 per month.

Here are a short review and personal experience I am sharing my views. SO guys, earning with INRDeals is very easy, you can share more than 150 plus retail eCommerce products links with your friends. Also, note you must accept the term of use of a specific website eg. amazon, ajio, etc do allow their retail links to share on the what's app, telegram, or any other social media website. So that's a bad point for those who share those deals.

But as I talk to INRDeals executive they told me that, the products which are allowed to share on social media can be shared easily, and the commission will be generated for your sales.

Who can join INRDeals?

So, creators, influencers can easily join this affiliated programme to promote their campings. For sharing these products you must have a website with good traffic, or social media with good followers, or a youtube channel where you can share your deals.

How to share INRDeals?

1. Sign up for INRDeals account

2. Update your profile with required details.

3. Update your bank account

4. Update your website, blog, or youtube channel link where you'll promote their campings and deals.

5. Done

How to create INRDeals?

1. Visit interested product website and copy link url

2. Come back to inrdeals website and paste to generate a tracking link

3. Now the INRdeals tracking link will be generated which can be shared where you would like.

The good thing about INRDeals.

They track the commission the same day for the purchase made through you retail link

Total link click report dashboard for you

Pay high commission on campings from time to time

The bad side of INRDEALS.

The overall commission is a bit low for Flipkart and amazon as compared to the there affiliated program.

Conclusion: However I suggest you join this affiliated programme. So that you can earn a good commission by all retail websites. I am personally loving it.

Also note that if you join through my link or use mu referral code GETMY50 you will get Rs. 50 instantly. If you do not use this code at the time of sign up you will not receive any joining bonus.

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