Government Announce for Privatisation of Banks: Personal Opinion

Government Announce for Privatisation of Banks: Personal Opinion

 Do you know the bank has recently announced for bank Privatisation will benefit the people? My answer will be yes because I have my personal reason for that. Let assume that you have a bank account with any public sector bank and when you visit your respective branch so much of gathering is the first problems I find in the banks.

The second bug I find that bank employees' behavior is very rude. I don't know about the customers but I get hurt by their employees. Do you know there is some strict law from the government for bank and its employee, so we the people don't react to them?

Private Banks

I had my first account win private bank was DBS (Development Bank of Singapore) which is a digital bank called neo means the bank with branchless. So my experience was quite awesome with the customer care, they actually provide you with the 100% solution on call and clear all the failed transactions or any bugs and errors happen to your account.

Currently, I do not have my account with DBS anymore due to the new policy of RBI.

Some more private banks like IDBI, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank is also providing outstanding service and they are dedicated to the customer. While I find that IDBI Barch employee provides you with their officer's call numbers so that you can directly contact them for your service and instant help but limited to, myself I don't own but my brother has his account and its providing very good service.


I am in the support of privatisation of bank because Public Sector Bank employee can be seen as less smart than Private Sector Banks. Public banks give you leat facilities on your account such as credit card, credit limit etc. Private bank gives you this facilities on the MAB(to be maintain in your account).