Opinion: What do Voters think about Assam Election 2021 News!

I hope the upcoming election campings are going much better in your town and the city. So what are you thinking about this election?

I think this 2021 election will be decided upon by the work done by the different ruling parties in the past. However, we citizens can have very curious to know who may be winning this year.

So let start by knowing what is a development we should analyze before casting our precious votes.

1. What is the work done for you and your family?

2. What is the infrastructure devolved in your area, which is benefiting you, such as a park, playground, regional, traditional public place, etc.

3. What you are believing to be developed in the future after the elections over?

There are lots of questions to be asked before casting your precious vote to any leader, who will serve you for the next five years.

Do you know most of the peoples do not cast their vote or not very interested and that is why it leads to getting the advantage to leaders who gets appointed or win the election? Take a pledge to not waste your valuable vote and will cast this year 2021. 

Let us vote and choose the perfect leader who can serve us better for the next five years.